Craft Hatch in May 2017

I have been preparing for the Craft Hatch Market for weeks. It was my first market for my leather craft AND I have started my Graphic Design Part-time job right before the market event. Luckily I was quite organised with all the bit and pieces so I wasn’t too stressed about it.
The only thing that worried me was that we got the market floor plan only 3 days before the event. I found out I had a brick wall behind me which I couldn’t hamper a wood board on brick. Adam quickly solved this problem with using a white board(like the ones at school) and put the wood board in front of it. It turned out PERFECT.

Anyway, we arrived 2 hours before the event and set up, walked around to see other artists work. They are so talented and WOW considering this is “Craft HATCH” basically means they are all quite new for markets(including me), everyone was actually really organised and didn’t look like they have started not long ago!

To be honest, the event wasn’t busy at all. THANKS to the road work right at the front!! I was still able to make a few sales which I didn’t expect ANY before hand. I was very thankful for that! It was great to see how people reacted to my craft and got positive feedback, asked question. And they were very interested in how I got inspiration and how on earth I had this leather sea animal idea in the first place lol 😀

I had a fantastic market experience and I think I would like to join the next Craft Hatch Market in Aug as well =D

Here are some shots of while I was preparing the stall look and feel at home and guess who was interested? I can tell you that the seal was his best friend

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