Craft Hatch in May 2017

I have been preparing for the Craft Hatch Market for weeks. It was my first market for my leather craft AND I have started my Graphic Design Part-time job right before the market event. Luckily I was quite organised with all the bit and pieces so I wasn’t too stressed about it. The only thing that worried me was that we got the market floor plan only 3 days before the event. I found out I had a brick wallRead more

I won the Frankie Good Stuff Awards!!

I have won the Frankie Good Stuff Awards(Craft Category)!!! I still couldn’t believe it since Cat Rabbit was one of the competitor and I was her fan! I just felt so honoured to be part of this competition. I have been doing leather craft as a hobby but only few months ago I have started doing sea creatures with leatherThe Giant Squid was my first try and it came out really well and a lot of people liked it. SoRead more

When your cats actually use the stuff you bought for them

Our cat Tofu, she is a pain in the ass, whiner, picky, super unpredictable/emotional, sometimes a bitch but we love her. There is always someone who does one good thing and made up for other 100 bad things that they have done and that’s Tofu. We have bought this cat window bed for half year and Tofu has never ever looked at it(Only our other cat Elisa will sleep in it). And today we saw Tofu sleeping in it. YesRead more